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Services Artist, Photographers & Musicians Services - Artist, Photographers & Musicians · Baltimore, MD, United States · 10-15-2016

Calling all artists! A new Gallery is forming with a special mission and purpose. The gallery seeks artists that are competent in their medium and present themselves in a professional manner. The Gallery only accepts artists of a certain level. Artists must submit work and be selected by a 4 person panel of jury members. THE ABILITY TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE! Please do not submit images or samples when replying to this email. Do send a link to your website, any info you would like to share and basic contact info. Professional presentation is important for the purpose of how this gallery will operate. So, if your website is in the works, but is not quite done, contact us and you will get an email back about how to submit samples. This gallery concept has been in the works for a while. Unlike typical galleries, ours will actually be working for you, marketing to persons that buy artwork regularly with the intention of making real sales. Your work must be of a higher quality than what you see in the typical craft show, or park fair. Not that the people that show work there are not up to par, but the vast majority are not. Gallery participants will be voted in by a jury of fellow artists. If your work is amazing, and you are looking to improve sales, this is a great opportunity. The number of participants will be limited to a specific number. This collective will benefit from having your worked shared with real art buyers, not people walking around downtown looking for free food and drinks. The gallery is open to all sorts of mediums. No matter what your medium is, as long as it is truly creative and you show mastery of your medium, you are welcome to submit your work. The gallery is open photography, painting, sculpture, wood turning, charcoal and pencil drawing, weaving, mosaics and anything else you can think of as long as it is beautiful, and executed in such a way as it will be appreciated by discerning collectors and buyers. The artists we seek are talented, are serious, understand how important it is to run your business like a business and present themselves in a way that will properly represent themselves and the gallery when interacting with the connections made through the gallery. Currently the gallery seeks Artists located in the contiguous 48 states. For more information contact us about submitting work. A cursory selection will be made and those artists will get more information about the gallery, how it works and then entered into the jury process if interested in participating. Presentation and professionalism are paramount. Sites such as Flicker, tumbler etc are not what we are looking to incorporate into our gallery. Please be honest with yourself about the quality of your work. That ability to self-judge is also very important. The standards we are trying to adhere to are not open for discussion. While passion for what you are doing is important, skill, ability and professional interaction is more important. If you contact us and are not asked to participate, you are welcome to try again at a later date. As previously stated, the number of artists that will be allowed to participate is limited to a specific number. We hope to put together a good cross section of artists working in different mediums, but those numbers are not hard and fast. Our main goal is to find artists with work that will sell. Lastly, this gallery will operate in a different way than most artists are used to. Tired of giving away nearly half of your fee? No commissions are collected from your sale. The artist gets paid for being the artist. Surely many of you will find this intriguing. This is a unique opportunity based in common sense business practice. The act of selling art is a business, it is high time it was treated as such. Please provide a name, a link to your work. If you meet the criteria we are looking for we will get in touch to set up a phone meeting. Looking forward to seeing some amazing work! Hope to hear from you soon. Contact: sms:16186041717