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The ARTNADO Village -- The Best of All Worlds" Call for today's artist/curator/entrepreneur Where: The Expo Center at the South Florida Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach FL When: Saturday, February 11, 2017, 10:00 am -- 5:00pm Sunday, February 12, 2017, 10:00 am -- 5:00pm Locally known in Palm Beach as "the season", when 40% of the wealth of America is in residence and a large population of Canadian "snowbirds" are in their winter retreats. Palm Beach is known as the art center of Florida. Surrounded by a dozen art associations, several museums and a plethora of galleries, not to mention high end art shows. The community offers a very diversify and sophisticated taste for all forms of art. Offering a total of $2,500.00 in Prize money ARTNADO Village will be comprised of the following: The Venues: 50,000 square feet indoors and 10,000 outdoors The Private Gallery - A small curated enclosed Gallery showcasing 8 to 12 works of art by artists who cannot or do not do art shows. The Grand Salon - The massive indoor space reserved for Fine Art. Avenue of the Arts - The outdoor portico leading to the concourse buildings. Ideal for large sculptures, outdoor designs, kinetic pieces and living art. The Concourse Buildings - Where the journey through the diversity of American arts begins. Within these walls, completely separate from the Fine Arts building and offered for the first time, patrons may explore the intricacies of: the Human Form, the Art of the Tattoo (the most unforgiving canvas), Fantasy Art, Exotic Art, Pinups, Dark Art, and whatever else the American mind is currently creating. In addition to the traditional 10 x10 space they offer 10x20 and 20x20 gallery space in the Grand Salon only - air conditioning -24 hour security -prior day load-in - gated secured vender parking - maintained indoor restrooms - better illumination of your art (no tents or tent tops, just pro panels or, however, else you want to set up your "gallery" -available electricity for you to illuminate your work properly Website: Apply at: a direct link is available on our website If you have any questions, please, call Jack Busa at show contact info From Jack Busa, Chief Creative Executive - "We will listing the categories that most fairs use but not limiting the number. This process sometimes allows for very good artists to not be accepted because their category is full and other media, with maybe less interesting work, is still being promoted. Given that it is inside and electricity is available, there is the opportunity for under showcased art in digital or kinetics to be shown. Given the genesis of the fair by artists and patrons, the key consideration will be the work and the creative process. There is a difference between artists who are creative, those who are artistic and those which are both. While we need to have and will have balance, we will also must try not to "lockout" deserving artists such as yourself. We do not require white tents for a homogeneous look, after all, you are not all the same. There are not just parallel rows of artists. The show is laid out in a grid with small conclaves of artists surround by walkways. This optimizes corners and end-caps, and allows patrons to have a gestalt of your work. You can no longer be just an artist, you need to be an artist/curator and entrepreneur. Your assigned space is yours to design as you want to represent you and your work. The most successful artists understand that for less than the price of a one-time quarter page ad in a local newspaper they can create a 3D ad of their work and themselves. They have incorporated the tools necessary to develop a client base and future commission work. They have taken advantage of art/entrepreneurship courses and are marketing themselves. This show, unlike almost any other, created for individual artists, is designed for you to do that." Artistic Synergy Inc. is a 501(3)(C) non profit corporation. Contact: /