New Year, New You!

Every year, as tradition states, we look upon the New Year as a time to reflect and make positive changes, or, New Years Resolutions. This year, why not focus on bettering yourself, accentuating your strengths, and improving upon your weaknesses? We think that one of the most positive changes a person can make, is to focus on attaining a career that they truly value and enjoy, a career that is both challenging and enjoyable. Reachoo says “This year, why not follow your dreams?”Luckily, we have just the tools to help you do that; starting with classes and tutoring. Everyone has skills that they can improve or fine tune and taking classes is a great way to exercise both mind and body. Under our “Services” section, Reachoo offers a myriad of classes and tutors available to suit your needs. This is an excellent way to sharpen your mind and keep you on your toes during an off season and to help you improve on the skills you may need to land your dream job! Once you are ready, check out all of the different jobs offered under “Jobs” section.  You may be surprised at what you find. Your dream job could literally be only a click away.

And last but not least, be sure you are ready with tools to help you make the most of your assets and accentuate all of the great qualities you can bring to a new job. Check out Reachoo’s blog about creating the perfect video resume here:

Remember, positive changes do not happen overnight. It takes work and dedication to make a New Year’s Resolution stick. What is most important is to not get discouraged and to keep persevering.  Good things happen to those who work for it.

Here’s to positive changes this year!


-Evyenia Trembois

Social Media Coordinator