Holidays and Shopping: Getting Back into the Spirit

It is often times hard to remember, but as children, the holidays were an exciting time for special sweets, an assortment of gifts, and extra playtime with friends and family. It seems as we age, the little treats we once found special and exciting, just become added bits of stress into our daily lives. Chocolate and cookies just lead to weight gain, the weather leads to colds and flus, and finding the perfect gifts just become another chore. Here at Reachoo, we want to help you get back into the holiday spirit by helping ease some of your gift shopping anxiety.

When it comes to the people we care about, we want to show our appreciation for them by getting them a gift that is both meaningful and unique.  Shopping at your closest mall is not necessarily going to help you achieve this. Instead, why not try classifieds shopping? The selections are varied, one of a kind, and all at the convenience of your fingertips.

For me, it is important that any gift I give someone shows someone how much I truly value my relationship with them. I do that by getting a gift that is unique to their own personal tastes and something that they are not likely to find at the corner market. Whether this means a vintage jacket, an ornate antique, a funky painting, or a special car part, you’re likely to find what you are looking for on Reachoo- and have fun doing it! We hope that we can help take some of the stress away from holiday shopping so that you can get back to the root of what makes the holidays so beautiful. It is time to celebrate family, love, friendship, and to count our blessings. So go ahead, dig into those cookies, go make a snow angel, and feel that childhood holiday spirit; on us!



-Evyenia Trembois