Welcome to the Twitter Zone

Twitter. It’s the latest and greatest craze, where people can “tweet” like little birds sending 140 characters worth of information to their followers hundreds of times a day, which can then be re-tweeted to reach just about anyone and everyone. Now these tweets can vary greatly in content. Some like to post about what they put in their sandwich, while others post with a little more substance. That’s not to say that the ingredients of ones sandwich aren’t important, in fact I’d be very curious to know how Rachel Ray takes her sandwich, but that’s besides the point.Twitter can be a great tool for social media and connecting us to all our users out there who want to stay updated on the latest and greatest from Reachoo! We post daily about all kinds of things- from ad listings we love, to exciting updates and new projects! Another awesome thing about Twitter is that it allows us all to communicate with one another. Spot our post about a home for sale that looks perfect for your son whom you’ve been slyly trying to get out of the house? You can easily re-tweet that post and he just might get the hint. Likewise, it also allows you to get in contact with us about things you’d like to see on our page- you can tell us what we can do to improve, or let us know what we are doing right! After all, that’s Reachoo’s most important mission- being in close contact with the users so that we can grant you all of your wishes and desires…at least when it comes to online classifieds!

So if you aren’t yet on the Twitter wagon, hop on! And if you are, be sure to follow us @Reachoo. While you’re at it, “like” us on Facebook. We can’t wait to connect with you all!

Evyenia Trembois
Social Media Coordinator, Reachoo