5 Simple Tips on Creating a Stellar Video Resume

It is 2012; you just gotten laid off and are now unemployed. Perhaps you are finishing your hard-earned degree at a university and cringe at the thought of the search for a career.  Despite the uncertain stability of our economy, employers are still endlessly searching for the “perfect” candidate. If done correctly, video resumes can give you the much needed advantage in marketing yourself to potential employers. Here are a few tips/guidelines to follow to ensure that your video resume is as effective as possible.

Video/Sound Quality

As you might expect, the quality of your video has the same effect as the quality of a paper resume. You wouldn’t give a recruiter a crumpled piece of paper as a resume so why give them a blurry image of yourself? Make sure the video is taken in a quiet room that is free of distractions so that the viewer can easily focus on you. The quality of your video and how you look are going to be the first two impressions the recruiter will have.

Dress Professionally

How you look is essential to the employer. Are you professional and presentable? The attire for a video resume, a video interview, or an in-person interview is all the same.

Keep It Short

The ideal time is between 1-2 minutes. Think about it as a preview for a movie—the goal of a movie preview is to tease you and to give you a taste of what the movie is about. The preview will also highlight certain aspects of the movie, but the overall goal is to get you in theaters. Your video resume should be concise and highlight your skills and achievements. Your objective is to get employers curious about you and invite you to an in-person interview.

Be Creative

One advantage of a video resume over the traditional paper resume is that you can showcase your character. Leverage this advantage and be creative in the process. In this case, you want to stand out from the other applicants. What makes you unique?


This might be so obvious, that we sometimes forget. Cut, paste, and edit your video so that it flows. Use video editing programs such as Final Cut Pro or Windows Movie Maker to help you create your videos. Adding effects such as fade or dissolve might help the employer segment the video into your different ideas/points. Make sure the finalized product is done to your very best potential.

As of now, video resumes are not to replace a traditional resumes, but creating one provides the chance to complement one. Provide a link within your resume so that employers may easily access the video. Additionally, you can promote your video on social media websites or video classified websites such as www.reachoo.com. Simply create an account and your video resume may be viewed by the growing amount of visitors within minutes. Happy job hunting!

-Stanley Suen