Now That is What I Call a Vacation

Some people say you have not truly been to a new place unless you have lived there. With franchise hotels and
resorts popping up all over the place, the pleasure of enjoying the culture of a certain area is lost. By immersing
yourself into a neighborhood – walking, eating, and living as the locals do – you can truly integrate yourself into
a new city and feel as if you too are a local.

This is where Reachoo comes in! Challenging the ever popular Automobile postings on Reachoo are the Real
Estate postings. These posts range from home owners representing their own home sale, Real Estate Agents
aiming for a larger crowd, and landlords renting out their houses. The latter has become a rising phenomenon!
Travelers from around the country, whether they decide to venture for a one month or one week, are opting
to rent rooms or houses in unique areas instead of hotels.

To truly enjoy a new place, try living like a local. Check out for new listings of Real Estate every
day! Whether you want to rent a room in San Francisco or a house in Miami, is sure to have
something for you!


If you are interested in “being a local” while traveling, check out, our sister-site! With locals
acting as your tour guides, you can sure that you will not miss out on that hidden gem the brochure forgot to