Is It Old, Or a Gem Waiting To Be Discovered?

While ‘black’ is still the new ‘black’, ‘old’ is now the new ‘new!’ In the most recent years, thrifting has
made a huge comeback. Going to the local thrift stores or sifting through “another man’s trash” at a
neighborly garage sale is an adventure in disguise. But no matter how often you search for a chair to
upholster, a dining table to stain, or a cabinet to paint, you are restricted to a specific area.

This is where Reachoo comes in. People from hundreds of cities all over the country come to Reachoo to
post the furniture they want to sell. Through Reachoo, you have just gained access to more thrifted and
vintage chairs, dining tables, and cabinets than you could have hoped for!

Make it a family event, fun bonding time with friends, or a day to release creative energy in solitary peace.
Whatever you make it out to be, let Reachoo help you find the perfect new addition to your newly vintage