Entrepreneurship: How Reachoo Can Help

In todays society, entrepreneurship and the starting of one’s own company seems to be getting more and more
popular. Small businesses are popping up everywhere, from fashion or art based, to unique catering companies,
and of course small dealerships or realtors.

One of the largest hurdles small business owners face, especially those without much funding, is finding
economical ways to spread the news about their business. Advertisements, especially ones with a lot reach, can
be extremely expensive, and word of mouth only gets you so far. It’s hard to make ends meet when not enough
people know about the amazing artwork you have for sale, or the care taking services that you offer.

This is where we come in. Reachoo.com offers FREE videotizing to all users. Small business owners can find a
huge advantage in this because you can categorize your business, post an ad that defines it, and wait for potential
customers to find you. To find out more about how to videotize effectively, view our blog about videotizing here: 

All in all, small business owners have nothing to lose by posting an ad on Reachoo. As your business grows, you
can even look into becoming our partner!


Evyenia Trembois

Social Media Coordinator