Are Classifieds the Latest Trend for Networking and Meeting New People?

As technology has progressed, so it seems, has our need to communicate via text messaging, and Facebook, and Twitter posts.
While many would argue that this is a means for cutting off personal touches and helping to deteriorate old school styles of
communication, there are many positives to be gained by the ease in which we can access our peers, family, and even business

Online communication has progressed right along with smartphone and networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Additionally,
it seems as though nowadays, dating sites are the most common and effective way of meeting people. Now, Reachoo, with its
revolutionized video platform, seems like the logical next advancement for networking with possible business collaborator, finding
new friends and meeting partners.

With Reachoo’s personals section, you have the ability to create an ad listing in which you describe the kind of person you want to
meet, what you are looking for, and of course, who you are. Our video platform allows for the personal touch that many other sites
are lacking.  On the other spectrum, video is also an excellent tool for business networking.
You can create a video about your start up company to attract potential investors, or post an online video resume to attract potential
employers. You can see
how to do that here:

You have nothing to lose by posting a video on Reachoo, but the potential for gain is huge! Why not try it out today? Let us know
how posting a video on Reachoo could change YOU life by commenting below!