New Year’s Resolutions

Okay let’s all be honest here. We’ve all put on a little holiday weight during the winter season…

It’s inevitable with the countless family gatherings, delicious holiday drinks from Starbucks, and cold winter weather keeping
you wrapped in a blanket and sipping on some hot cocoa. December certainly is the most wonderful time of the year.
Everyone is in agreement that we all deserve a week or two off from work and school, so we can stay home and sit on our
couches with our families while watching holiday specials on TV.

However, the new year is here, and it’s time to break out of our holiday hibernation! We all have our own specific New Year’s
Resolutions. But the most common of all resolutions, is to hit that gym and become a better and more healthy you.

But we all know how this ends right? We go to the gym on the first Monday in January. Everyone is there, and everyone is
motivated to stay committed. Then Day 2 comes around. You wake up sore and tired from the workout, and all of a sudden
that gym just seems a little too far to reach today.

Let Reachoo help you reach those resolutions. Don’t let that cycle happen again! Find an alternative way to exercise on
Reachoo! We have many ads offering yoga classes, fitness trainers, and home workout gear for your exercise needs.

Make 2015 the year you finally commit to that New Year’s Resolution!!

Don’t Stress This Holiday Season! See What Reachoo Can Do For You!

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas music on the radio, decorations on the houses, and an abundance of stress trying
to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. As kids, we never had to focus on that last aspect. And when we
transition into adulthood, we tend to lose sight of all the fun to be had during the holiday season.

The pie chart says it all. Christmas shopping would be so much easier if you didn’t have to fight and claw your way to an
open parking spot. Wouldn’t it be easier to take out the parking spot aspect, and to just jump straight into shopping?

Shop online and let Reachoo help check off a few items on your shopping list, so you can fully enjoy the Holiday season!
There are many items posted that could become a hidden gem of a gift for your friends or family. So, come check us out!
I’m sure it’s much easier to click through our site, than to find a parking space at the mall.

Get Ready for the Turkey Trot!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. And that means only 3 things: lots of food, lots of shopping, and lots of running! Each
year, thousands of people participate in the Turkey Trot, where you may run in the 5K or 10K race.

Get yourself prepared for this year’s Turkey Trot with deals on exercise items at Reachoo.

Sometimes You Just Need to Treat Yourself

Life can be overwhelming, and we all have dealt with stress at one point or another. But that’s the way the cookie
crumbles when you’re working hard, and that’s an unfortunate fact. However, it isn’t fiction to think you don’t deserve a

This is where Reachoo comes in to play. Treat yourself to a nice evening out at a spa. Take a load off your shoulders,
and instead let someone massage those shoulders for you!

Reachoo offers a variety of services, but appointments for spa treatment is just one of the many great ones!

Now That is What I Call a Vacation

Some people say you have not truly been to a new place unless you have lived there. With franchise hotels and
resorts popping up all over the place, the pleasure of enjoying the culture of a certain area is lost. By immersing
yourself into a neighborhood – walking, eating, and living as the locals do – you can truly integrate yourself into
a new city and feel as if you too are a local.

This is where Reachoo comes in! Challenging the ever popular Automobile postings on Reachoo are the Real
Estate postings. These posts range from home owners representing their own home sale, Real Estate Agents
aiming for a larger crowd, and landlords renting out their houses. The latter has become a rising phenomenon!
Travelers from around the country, whether they decide to venture for a one month or one week, are opting
to rent rooms or houses in unique areas instead of hotels.

To truly enjoy a new place, try living like a local. Check out for new listings of Real Estate every
day! Whether you want to rent a room in San Francisco or a house in Miami, is sure to have
something for you!


If you are interested in “being a local” while traveling, check out, our sister-site! With locals
acting as your tour guides, you can sure that you will not miss out on that hidden gem the brochure forgot to

Is It Old, Or a Gem Waiting To Be Discovered?

While ‘black’ is still the new ‘black’, ‘old’ is now the new ‘new!’ In the most recent years, thrifting has
made a huge comeback. Going to the local thrift stores or sifting through “another man’s trash” at a
neighborly garage sale is an adventure in disguise. But no matter how often you search for a chair to
upholster, a dining table to stain, or a cabinet to paint, you are restricted to a specific area.

This is where Reachoo comes in. People from hundreds of cities all over the country come to Reachoo to
post the furniture they want to sell. Through Reachoo, you have just gained access to more thrifted and
vintage chairs, dining tables, and cabinets than you could have hoped for!

Make it a family event, fun bonding time with friends, or a day to release creative energy in solitary peace.
Whatever you make it out to be, let Reachoo help you find the perfect new addition to your newly vintage


How Pet Adoption Can Bring You Joy

Adopting a pet has the potential to be one of the most rewarding and beneficial things a person can do. By
bringing a pet into your home, you have the ability to save its life and give it a warm and loving home, a
feeling that cannot be compared to almost any other.

Pets offer an unconditional love that can also bring relief to those suffering from depression. Having a pet
brings you companionship, routine, social interaction, responsibility, and physical activity. And the spring
and summer season is an excellent time to bring in a new member of the household!
So if you have been thinking of adopting a pet, Reachoo is a great place to start. We have ads posted by
adoption agencies, owners, and animal shelters:
Or if you are an animal shelter that wants to find more loving homes for the animals you have rescued,
consider becoming our partner here:

The Much Anticipated iPhone App is HERE!

The long awaited iPhone app is finally HERE and in action on the iTunes store! This awesome app allows our
fantastic sellers on to upload videos directly from their phone to the app for their classifieds
listings.  As soon as you upload your listing to Reachoo’s app, we’ll distribute it to hundreds of sites all over
the web to give you tons of exposure with just one upload! Your 3-D video ad is all the more enticing to future
buyers, than just a regular photo ad, and now making these ads is even more accessible with our iPhone app.

Whether you’re taking videos and snapshots of items you want to sell, browsing for new furniture, or in the
market for a new car or home, you can do it all while on the go with Reachoo’s iPhone app.

Let us know what you think of the app by commenting here and don’t forget to leave your review on the
iTunes website!


See our list of features below!

Auto-locate directs you to your closest Reachoo classifieds area
Browse and search through seven verticals by keyword, price, distance or date posted
View any users profile
View, reply to, or forward ads
View all ad images on a single screen
View and post video ads
Receive alerts on a certain item with “Reachoo Alerts”
Quick and easy ad posting with both videos AND photos
Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS sharing
Optimized for Retina display

Entrepreneurship: How Reachoo Can Help

In todays society, entrepreneurship and the starting of one’s own company seems to be getting more and more
popular. Small businesses are popping up everywhere, from fashion or art based, to unique catering companies,
and of course small dealerships or realtors.

One of the largest hurdles small business owners face, especially those without much funding, is finding
economical ways to spread the news about their business. Advertisements, especially ones with a lot reach, can
be extremely expensive, and word of mouth only gets you so far. It’s hard to make ends meet when not enough
people know about the amazing artwork you have for sale, or the care taking services that you offer.

This is where we come in. offers FREE videotizing to all users. Small business owners can find a
huge advantage in this because you can categorize your business, post an ad that defines it, and wait for potential
customers to find you. To find out more about how to videotize effectively, view our blog about videotizing here:

All in all, small business owners have nothing to lose by posting an ad on Reachoo. As your business grows, you
can even look into becoming our partner!


Evyenia Trembois

Social Media Coordinator

Are Classifieds the Latest Trend for Networking and Meeting New People?

As technology has progressed, so it seems, has our need to communicate via text messaging, and Facebook, and Twitter posts.
While many would argue that this is a means for cutting off personal touches and helping to deteriorate old school styles of
communication, there are many positives to be gained by the ease in which we can access our peers, family, and even business

Online communication has progressed right along with smartphone and networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Additionally,
it seems as though nowadays, dating sites are the most common and effective way of meeting people. Now, Reachoo, with its
revolutionized video platform, seems like the logical next advancement for networking with possible business collaborator, finding
new friends and meeting partners.

With Reachoo’s personals section, you have the ability to create an ad listing in which you describe the kind of person you want to
meet, what you are looking for, and of course, who you are. Our video platform allows for the personal touch that many other sites
are lacking.  On the other spectrum, video is also an excellent tool for business networking.
You can create a video about your start up company to attract potential investors, or post an online video resume to attract potential
employers. You can see
how to do that here:

You have nothing to lose by posting a video on Reachoo, but the potential for gain is huge! Why not try it out today? Let us know
how posting a video on Reachoo could change YOU life by commenting below!