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$100000000 Century 21 scam!! Any others been ripped off by them? (Oahu)

Yes, you too can live in a filthy, mold infested apartment offered by Walker Holdings, Century 21 and their Maui agent Brites Calcado!! All it takes is $1950 cash and a deposit of an equal amount which they make up reasons for keeping. You will then be entitled to long, inoperable bathroom remodel delays, weekly mold eradication, weeds so tall your guests will get centipede bites, brown water raising up from the drains, rent fees for extra bedrooms that can't be utilized, and move out for the night while we bug tent the house!!! Then there are the numerous lies and false promises to fix the issues (documented), Brites actually was caught looking in our windows face to face with our guest!! Our guest was visiting from France and was outraged!! If Century 21 or this rip off agent has done the same to you, please contact us asap, as there are now a few of us wanting to start a suit against these corporate scammers ripping off the locals!! The rental prices are totally ridiculous from a local earning standpoint and we should at least be allowed a hygienic home for these extortionate rates. Have some pono Century 21!!